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RHouse is a dynamic community built for Black engineers, founders, creators, and their allies who are passionate about launching ambitious startups.

Black GenZ and young millennial builders bring unique cultural experiences and face unique challenges in the companies they launch.

Here's what we are doing about it 👇🏾

  • We curate intimate cohorts of ambitious individuals in urban chic spaces, both virtually and IRL
  • Design frameworks and processes for community, collaboration, and growth
  • Our members set audacious goals, and take massive action toward them

  • Inaugural 4-week residency program filled with workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats, networking events, and more
  • Bringing 16 members nestled in our Brownstone, in BedStuy, Brooklyn, from July 11 – August 5, 2022
  • Emphasis on community, productivity, wellness, and fun!

  • We created the first Black residential hacker house
  • An immersive co-living, co-working social club where members can hyper-focus on building
  • Leveraging the power of collaboration and community

R Founders 🛠

River Fields

River Fields is a sophomore at Wharton in the Joseph Wharton Scholar program studying finance and minoring in computer science. At school, he is a Penn Blockchain researcher and a member of the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association.

River is also co-founder of The Rusty and River Fields Foundation through which he initiates high-impact community-focused projects such as raising $15,000 in three weeks to sponsor 40 urban youth to attend the Harvard Mock Trial High School Seminar Program or teaching Bed-Stuy middle and high school students coding and robotics through hackathons, webinars and after-school programming.

River is obsessed with underdogs like Reginald Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, and Novak Djokovic, who, through determination, grit and unwavering confidence achieved great success despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

River enjoys reading, traveling, listening to music, cooking, playing tennis, and he dreams of completing the World Marathon Majors.

Rusty Fields

Rusty Fields is a Brooklyn native. He graduated summa cum laude with distinction in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania. Rusty co-authored 3 scientific papers during his research career, focused on Parkinson’s Disease and Developmental Connectomics.

He is a sports and travel enthusiast, who has lived and studied in the UK and Asia and interned in neuro-oncology and awake-brain surgery rotations in Oxford, UK and Harare, Zimbabwe.

Rusty is the former #1 fencer in the U.S. for his age division and a national gold medalist. He is a tennis player and avid fan, #TeamDjokovic, and is currently on a quest to complete the world marathon majors. He is a voracious reader and in his free time enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, visiting museums and galleries, and learning about start-ups.

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